Saturday, February 11, 2017

Theo Paxstone and the Dragon of Adyron

Theo Paxstone dreams of becoming a Steam Knight, and piloting a marvellous mechanical fighting machine in defence of the Kingdom of Adyron. He wants to be just like his idol, Sir Drake, who is showered with praise and admiration from sea to sea.

But Theo is just a boy mechanic, a virtual slave, in an orphan workshop run by a callous and exploitive owner.

Only Theo's dreams keep him going.

Everything changes when an enormous dragon sweeps out of the night and lays waste to the King's tournament. It wreaks destruction and then makes off with a young princess in it's clutches.

Outraged, Theo teams up with an elderly steam knight and his squire, and together the trio sets out to rescue the princess from the greatest and most dread beast to have ever lived.

Before long, Theo's view of the world is cast upside-down, as he discovers that heroes and villains are not always what, or who, they seem...

Coming soon.

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